Monday, March 22, 2010

Castles in the Air (Pt 1): A Reflection

A journal entry from some years ago that is as true now as when I wrote it.

Castles in the air. Everyone has them. The building blocks are formed throughout our lives and we slowly build them as we grow. They are built with our dreams and desires. Some castles are destroyed by unforeseen circumstances; some are realized in their entirety. Others still become real in a manner completely different than that which the dreamer envisioned. Many castles are torn down when we dreamers hand over our blocks to the Master Architect. Only the Master can lay the foundation that will never alter for it is the Rock. He alone knows the plan that is best for our castles in the air. He knows how they must be built to become real, solid castles of realized dreams and fulfilled desires.

Often we try to change the Architect’s plans and build our castles according to our plans. When this happens, the Architect must cause what we have built amiss to be torn down so that He can replace our former desires with something greater and more noble than we could have ever dreamed. Many who will not submit to the Master Architect, find that though their castles are built, their dreams fulfilled, and all desires met, they still lack fulfillment and cannot find peace. Only the Master Architect can truly solidify our castles in the air.

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