Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Final Storm: A Review

Imprisoned in the fortress of Paragor, Antoinette Reed still tries desperately to convince Kearn that Paragor's promises are empty. Meanwhile, Aidan loans the Scrolls to Robby in hopes that they will convince him that The Realm is real and that King Eliam is the one to follow. But Robby is not easy to convince. In The Realm, Kaliam readies Alleble for the assault by Paragor's forces that is sure to come, bringing all of those loyal to King Eliam under the protection of the city's walls. But with the ancient Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers on Paragor's side, will the walls of Alleble be enough to with stand the storm?

The Final Storm brings together the best characters from the two previous books and introduces us to still more. Each of the three travelers from the Mirror Realm--Robby, Antoinette, and Aidan--have their own strengths and weaknesses keeping them from becoming copies of each other. The Glimpses too are clearly defined. While the characters retain their boisterous natures from previous books, the looming war tempers them making this my favorite of the trilogy. Amid the darkness of war, there is hope.

Beneath the shadows of ruin, there is life. These concepts and more are a foundation to this story of Alleble's great stand against the evil of Paragor. I love the way Batson illustrates the fact that though evil times will come, there is only one place to put our trust--In the King of kings. He will see to it that the evil will be used for good, no matter how bleak things may be. The Final Storm reminds us all that the end is only the beginning. Readers will love this gripping conclusion to the Door Within trilogy.

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