Friday, February 6, 2009

New Purpose

In the beginning, this blog contained updates on Rien and Tel's progress toward winning the prize set forth in the Isle of Fire contest sponsered by Wayne Thomas Batson. That contest is long since over and we await the time when we can reap the fruits of our labors. Now I (Rien) intend to take this blog in a new direction. From this day forth it will contain the occasional update on my writing journey. And, of course, Tel's opinion of said journey and whatever else he wants to say. For now, I leave with this summary of the first book in the Narratives of Nartanis, Sword Aflame

Draw me only in the right

Against my foes the Hosts of Night
Only then, behold my light

And strike at evil with thy might

For years, the cryptic verse inscribed along his sword’s blade and strange dreams and visions have haunted Conrad Edricson’s mind and heart. Now, with the Hosts of Night on the move and the king’s army assembling, it seems that he may finally have the chance to find answers to his many questions. And so Conrad sets out on his journey—despite the fact that he knows nothing of swordplay.

But in the land of Nartanis things are not always what they seem and even the most ordinary looking objects may contain hidden power. When the battle begins, Conrad’s sword reveals itself as one of the legendary Eliorc blades, powerful weapons against the Hosts of Night. Nothing can ever be the same for the former farmer as he his plunged into a world even he never dreamed would be his.

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