Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Day

September 9 has come and gone and with it, the official release of Isle of Fire. Tel and I ordered a copy for ourselves and several more for our friends. We are both looking forward to the books arrival. One advantage of ordering multiple copies is that we'll both be able to read it when they arrive!

In addition to purchasing Isle of Fire we put together a poster for all of Batson's books. Isn't it great!? That's Tel on the left and me (Rien) on the right.

I also got to go to our local Lifeway store and got a picture with the books and Kuhrt, one of the employees. He thought the contest was pretty cool--especially the prize--and was quite willing to pose with me despite his laughter. The manager of the store even took the picture for us!

That's all for now!
Rien Takhid


B. D. Eastman said...

I have finished the first book and we (My beautiful wife and I) are in the third round of editing. Currently I have started a blog until I can get my website back up. For now the blog suffices. Anyhow, on it you can access the first two chapters as a free download from If for some reason you are unable to get it let me know and I can email you the PDF. Anyhow I really want your honest opinions and suggestions on flow, content, character clarity - emotions, setting - sound - smell, things of that nature. Any positive or negative critisism is entirely welcomed. Of course constuctive is always the best. I will continue to update the blog and periodically send this sort of update out. If you wish not to recieve an update please let me know. I hope to have hard copies available by the end of year. Looking to have the second book first draft completed as of March of next year.

Check out my blog:

B.D. Eastman

Rien.Tel said...

Sounds pretty spiffy. I hope you and your wife are successful in your endeavors! I just read the two chapter preview and posted my opinion on it. Good luck!