Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the Beginning...

there were two siblings (and we hope in the end, there will still be two) who liked books. The elder was wandering through a bookstore one day and saw "Free! With purchase of Isle of Swords" stickered on an interesting looking book. She was in a book buying mood and so The Door Within and Isle of Swords came home with her that day. The younger was quite annoyed that he could not read either of them until she had. But he had not long to wait. That night, Rien stayed up late until she had finished The Door Within. Tel got it the next day. He also finished it in a day. And so it was with Isle of Swords and Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm. Thus the fascination with Wayne Thomas Batson's work took root.

Now, many months after, we, along with many other Realmers, are in quest to help promote the sequel to the Isle of Swords, the book called Isle of Fire. If you want to join the quest go here (Wayne Thomas Batson's blog) to find the information.

July 10, 2008 we begin our "Great Day of Planning." First things first we start by printing of the "Treasure Map" aka, the score sheet. Then we began The Most Fabulous and Excellent blog ever made. Now in progress, the reviews for the DW books and the Isle of Swords.

That is all for today! (We Think.) :p



Rien.Tel said...

Ya!!!!!!!!! way to go Tel!

Rien.Tel said...
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Rien.Tel said...

U Rock Tel!!!!!!!!
Yeeeeeee Haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

I SO want to join! any one else want to?